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thank you for your interest in our projects. Here is our small family team: a certainly (h)Appy Duo!

phoedo drawingPhoedo : “This blog is a small diary of my mobile developer experiences. At the beginning I was a casual developer: it just happened. I developed some really ugly applications, but I did something good too..! Over time, I have been growing up along with my ability and passion in this field.

Xenialab and Ovolab websites host some of my applications, don’t hesitate to have a look.

Now I’ve started my own store: it’s a way to force me to develop apps at my best, I hope you’ll enjoy them!”

valentina drawing

Valentina: The best graphic designer for a casual developer? A casual, but enthusiastic one of course! I think of myself as a sort of  tailor: I’ll do my best to give Phoedo’s apps the suitable outfits”.   

Thank you for supporting us. Please feel free to give us your advice and feedbacks: every suggestion is more than welcome! 

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